CR4 Interface Control Document   4.2
CR4 Ultrawideband, Small Form Factor, 4 Channel RF Converter

This ICD provides the documentation and detailed information required to understand and interface with a CR4 V4 (CR4). The CR4 is an ultrawideband, small form factor, 4 channel RF Converter. Additionally, the CR4 can offer two receive and two transmit (CR4 TRX) channels, or four receive channels, offering a multi-mission hardware capable of unified software control with the Catalystâ„¢ Platform.

CR4 System Overview

Interactive Modelviewer (Beta)

To see 3D Interactive CAD Model, please visit

Hardware Support

The following part numbers are supported by the highest level versions of the ICD below.

Name Part Number ICD Version
CR4 TRX V4 0C-905-4-01 4.0+
CR4 RX V4 0C-904-4-01 4.0+
CR4 TRX V3 0C-905-3-01 3.0+
CR4 RX V3 0C-904-3-01 3.0+

Referenced Documents

Accompanying this ICD, the following documents are referenced. These files can be requested by email here

File name Description
0C-905-4-01-DWG.pdf CR4 V4 TRX Mechanical ICD
0C-904-4-01-DWG.pdf CR4 V4 RX Mechanical ICD
0C-005-4-01-ICD.xlsx CR4 Motherboard ICD/Pinout


Version Date Description
3.0 04/14/20 Initial Release
4.0 01/14/21 Initial Release
4.1 04/27/22 Updated Drawings and included Software Examples
4.2 05/03/22 Added additional Software Examples